High-Profile Stars Discover Trend In Old Fashioned Cellular Phone Tech

It's a consistent high-tech race to keep up with the newest smartphone devices. However a nostalgic wave seems to be sweeping over a high-profile fraction of the cell phone market, reports CBS News affiliated Michelle Miller.

Vogue's editor in chief Anna Wintour was seen at the U.S. Open twelve weeks ago with a flip-phone version from the early 2000s.

Actress Kate Beckinsale and singer Rihanna were also photographed utilizing the hip accessory. On draft day, Colts quarterback Andrew Luck answered the phone from the Colts on his flip phone.

And New York City Senator Chuck Schumer loves his flip phone so much he's stockpiling the device.

"Since I like these so much I got myself a whole bunch cause I figure they'll stop making them sooner or later," Schumer said. "They could have already quit making them."

But what's behind this low-tech, high-profile renaissance?

"People want back to the flip phone because it works, it really is functional, you just flip it open. Also, you don't have to get web browsing on it," New York Times columnist Michael Musto said. "You actually go out and experience whatever you're experiencing rather than taking pictures for Instagram and looking at it later."

Actually at CBS News, some of our correspondents are up on the style.

"It's light-weight it's small, it easily fixes in a pocket, it's rock-hard, it survives hurricanes and tornadoes and doesn't have email address etc a day off you can take only that and be totally free," Chip Reid said.

Models, meanwhile, gravitate towards the privacy that a flip phone provides.

"In an age where superstars are being focused by hackers, it's not a big surprise to observe them carrying around flip phones because if you're not using the apps that obtain hacked, then your photos aren't gonna be leaked on the net," CNET editor Bridget Carey said.

But on the other side are the opponents of the outdated technology.

"Well it is considered obsolete, it is more obsolete than a Blackberry handset, it is something from a previous era," Musto said. "It makes you in the previous century but you understand what, it's functional, it really works, it's unassuming. It's so wrong that it's correct."

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