Where is Belize?

I often speak with people from around the world and when I tell them I live in Belize they almost always ask “Where is Belize located?” Part of the problem may be that it is a relatively young country, having attained its own sovereignty in 1982 when it changed its name from British Honduras to Belize.

Even people in neighboring Mexico ask me, “Where is Belize?” In fact, I’ll bet you found this page because you were just wondering, “Where is Belize?”

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From the map that is the background of this page, you can see that Belize is located in Central America on the Caribbean side, bordering Mexico to the North, Guatemala to the West and South with Honduras just a little further to the south.

Now when you tell your friends and family that you are going to Belize and they ask, “Where is Belize located?”, you will have a ready answer for them! Below please find a video of a few maps showing just where Belize is located in the world.