Belize Travel

Belize Travel

Belize travel can be both exciting and adventurous. With so many things to do in Belize with such diverse activities as horseback riding through a jungle to exploring Mayan ruins to scuba diving the second largest reef in the world to simply lounging on a beach and so much more. Belize travel is always something to write home about.

Our San Pedro Hostel is located a short two minute walk along the beach from the middle of town. All of our 48 dormitory style beds are beachfront and come with air conditioning.

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When traveling to Belize, please consider the time of year. The busy season starts late November and ends in May, but you can travel to Belize all year long and enjoy Belize Diving, Belize Fishing and many other Belize Vacations with less crowds during the summer months.

There are many deals to be had when you travel Belize so be sure to check out our page on cheap flights to Belize. While our hostel offers the lowest price for staying in Belize, you may desire something more private or fancy so be sure to check our our page on Belize Hotels. As you'll find out, Belize Travel does not have to be expensive.

Belize Travel - A few things you should know:

  • Everyone accepts US Dollars. The currency is pegged at $2Belizean equals $1US Dollar.
  • Over 95% of the people speak English.
  • The population is only 225,000 people.
  • Time is GST-6, which is MST or CST depending on daylight savings, which is not observed here.
  • Electricity is 110 throughout the country.
  • The Rainy season is June to November.
  • Tipping is encouraged and is typically 10%-15%.
  • Belize Weather is considered tropical, which means 80F-90F with high humidity.
Belize Travel is, for the most part, safe. Tourists may be offered marijuana or cocaine when visiting some of the nightclubs and this can be a set up for police action. Please take caution. Also, always keep your cell phone put away as they are a prime target for thieves.