Belize Weather

Belize Weather is tropical year round with the rainy season starting in May or June and ending in November. San Pedro receives about 60 inches of rain per year. The temperature does not vary much from month to month, averaging a high of 85 to 90 and a low of 75 to 80 year round. Humidity is relatively high and averages between 75% to 85% year round.

A stay at our San Pedro Hostel is always cool though as we offer the lowest rates in Belize. Our beachfront hostel, restaurant and bar offers 30 dormitory style beds. Each bed comes with a locker, beach access and is air conditioned. We also have three private rooms with ocean views.

Weather in Belize

Weather in Belize does allow for most outdoor activities including Belize Diving, Belize Fishing and Cave Tubing Belize. When staying in San Pedro, the Belize Weather patterns are usually mild with tropical breezes blowing in off the ocean. The island will often receive a short, rapidly moving rain storm that usually brings some small relief to the heat of the day. All things considered, the weather in Belize is very favorable for Belize Vacations.

Belize has been hit by a few hurricanes in the past so knowing what type of Belize Weather patterns are brewing before you come down is important. Hurricane season begins June 1st and runs until November 30th. Since 1930, there have been 8 major hurricanes that have hit Belize. In 2010 Belize received 3 Category 1 Hurricanes, but has not received any since. In 2007 Hurricane Dean hit northern Belize as a Category 5 and did extensive flooding and wind damage.

Because we know how important the Belize Weather is to your Belize Travel plans, we have it included here on our website.

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