Blue Hole Belize

 The Great Blue Hole Belize was made famous by Jacques Cousteau in 1971 and the world's scuba divers have been coming to enjoy Belize Diving ever since. It is an extremely unlikely natural occurrence, where a fresh water cavern under the ocean, a hundred miles from shore, was caved in by the ocean.

The Blue Hole Belize is about 410 feet across in a perfect circle and nearly 400 feet deep. At about 80 feet, a diver experiences hundreds of stalactites, which can be swam through like upside down, underwater trees. It is a very surreal experience and should be on every diver's wish list to experience.

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Scuba diving in Belize is fantastic without the Great Blue Hole Belize, but with it, Belize becomes one of the top 5 dive spots on planet Earth.

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